Online booking

Instructions for using our online booking system:

ONLINE BOOKING - before buying a 4 class pack please ensure that the lessons are available online first.

All first time users please register before booking a class/course or buying a package.

Please start registration HERE.

You will create a profile and receive an email with a web user id. 

For families each member must be registered separately 

Please note that you can use the same email address but you will need to set up a user ID and password of your choice (parent/guardian must register all persons under 18 years).  

Each participant will need to do their own booking as each profile only works with an individual email address or user id and waiver must be accepted by the participant.


For Ski and Snowboard lessons and practice sessions:

Step 1.

Register online  before booking your lesson.

Step 2.

Go to the lesson or practice session you wish to book.  You have a choice to book just one and pay for it or you can buy a package (4 Class pack).  

Step 3.

Purchase the package first (better value) and then do your booking (the same package will also cover snowboarding). 

Step 4.

With your 4 class pack you can then book your lesson as you go - but do book one or two weeks in advance to get the time and lesson you want.  Please ensure that the dates and times are available for you before purchasing a 4 class pack, for bookings 5 weeks in advance please call the office on 01 2955658.

For Courses:

First complete Step 1.

Then click on Courses and there is a drop down menu for the different categories : adults, kids, IASI and misc.


Remember if you cannot make your lesson we do need 48 hours notice to cancel same, and to cancel you need to call the office on 01 2955658.


What can I do online with this booking system? This is what you can do:  

Lessons, Courses & Practice Sessions Adult Student Junior
Book a single lesson €55 €40 €40
Book a course - price will depend on your profile type, which will be shown when you login Variable Variable Variable
Book a single practice session  €40 €30 €25
You can purchase a “4 Class Pack” –  *Valid until the end of season €175 €130 €130
  • To get the correct price for a course please login in first and then a price is displayed for your profile type.  
  • When you purchase a 4 Class Pack, you must book your 1st class and we do recommend that you complete your lessons over 4 to 5 consecutive weeks for best results.
  • When booking a ski or snowboard lesson, you have two options: a single class or purchase a package ie “4 Class Pack”
  • You can book a single lesson by clicking on the class time Book Session you will be asked to complete your details ie name, address, email address, date of birth, mobile no. and eircode.
  • Your email address will be your personal login id. And you will be asked to set a password. 
  • Each person should register themselves as everyone will require their own email address and will need to agree to our disclaimer. 
  • Parents or guardians will have to register their children under 18 years, you will need a different email address for each child. 
  • To register a family please complete waivers via this link for each child under 18 years.  The second spouse/partner needs to complete their own waiver.  
  • If you are unsure of your standard please mention this on arrival and you will be given a short assessment to determine your level.

A “4 Class Pack” – you must first purchase the package and then you book your class by clicking on Book Session and payment will be redeeming one of your 4 class pack. 

  • If you need to cancel a class or change a date and time with the 48 hour required noticed please call the office on 01 2955658.

Season Ticket which is like a lift pass for the whole season

Price This price is valid until 30th September  
Adult €450
Senior Citizen – Lessons at Adult Price €295
Student (fultime) – Age 19 to 25 years €295
Youth – Age 14 to 18 years €195
Child – Age 7 to 13 years €195
Family – not available online €900


  • A Season Ticket give you unlimited recreational skiing and snowboarding throughout the season during opening hours and up to 30% off lessons. 
  • Pavilion Membership – give you club membership allowing you to vote at the AGM - €5 off a practice session. 
  • Please ensure that you choose the correct category of Season Ticket, if you do choose the incorrect one, you will be contacted by our office to amend your category. 

Click here to go to our online booking system where you can join or book lessons or practice sessions.

If you have any questions or need to make a group booking, just call the office on 01 2955658 or send an email to