IASI Course Provider

The Ski Club of Ireland is now an IASI Course Provider

If you ski or board with confidence down a red run, and can safely tackle most black runs, you have the necessary skills. If you enjoy interacting with people and helping others, you have what it takes to be a teacher.

IASI work with External Course Providers (Ski Club of Ireland) who are now licensed to run specific courses such as:

  • Alpine and Snowboard Level 1 and Level 2 (teach) Instructor.
  • Freestyle and Race Coach Level 1 and 2.
  • Journey to Level 1, 2 and 3 courses.

The training side of the course will be run over two Friday nights and two Sundays in November. The assessment will be held the following Spring, again over two Friday evenings and two Sundays. During the season, the Club will provide you with the required 20 hours shadowing and ski school experience. If you wish you can be assigned an experienced instructor or team leader as a mentor. This gives participants ample time to work on their skills over the winter. We encourage trainees to practice together in groups between training and assessment, this makes it fun and is a great way to build friendships.

The cost for Level One training is €300 and the assessment is €300.00.

For on-slope practice you will need a SCI season ticket, or pay per session - €40 per single session or €80 per day when participating in the training, assessment and shadowing.

The following are IASI Level 1 training and assessments scheduled for autumn/winter 2021 and spring 2022. These courses run on Friday evenings 7:30pm to 10pm, Sunday 9:30am to 4:30pm. 

New IASI Level 1 Ski Training

17th & 19th/September 1st & 3rd October

IASI Level 1 Ski assessment

5th, 7th, 12th, 14th November

IASI Level 1 Ski assessment

19th ,21st, 26th ,28th November

IASI Level 1 Ski assessment

3rd,5th, 10th,12th December 2021

IASI Level 1 Ski assessment

4th, 6th, 11th, 13th March 2022 TBC









Level 1 Ski Instructor Assessment Click here to book on an IASI Course. 

The Level 1 Ski Instructor is the first award available in the alpine qualification pathway. Holders of this award can work in a closed environment such as an artificial slope, indoor snow dome or a confined outdoor beginner ski area. Click here to find out more about the qualification pathway. 

Level 2 Ski Instructor Training & Assessment - Dates to be confirmed 

We are also considering Freestyle and Race Coaching courses, and preparation for Level Two assessment those who have achieved their IASI Level One qualification previously. This will depend on the level of interest.

Gaining the Level 2 Ski Instructor award opens many more teaching opportunities. Holders of this award can work on the open mountain and teach a variety of different levels guests. It will also allow you to work in other countries that are also part of ISIA as the IASI qualifications are widely recognised and endorsed by the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) and International Federation of Snowsport Instructor (IVSI).

Part of the Level 2 training can commence at SCI which is called Level 2 teach training – price €100 and assessment €100. TBC

Freestyle and Race Coach Level 1’s – price €100 per course.  TBC

All trainers are highly qualified and licensed by the Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors (IASI).

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