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The Exhilaration of a Ski Holiday

On a ski holiday the exhilaration of skiing well is matched by its congeniality. The special world of sun and snow, slopes and chairlifts, brings quick and easy conversation and friendships which follow into the apres-ski life, long after the lifts have stopped, and the snow turns violet and long-shadowed. The relaxed mood and physical well-being induced by the excitement of the day is enjoyed in the cosmopolitan and happy atmosphere of apres-ski activity.

Skiing makes a marvellous holiday, the resort a refreshingly new way of life, in all, an escape from the noisy humdrum of a grey winter. It is a return to the elemental, transporting one high into the mountains, beyond ice blue brooks and silent frozen waterfalls to a new world combining relaxation and exhilaration.

That is why skiing has become the widest participant sport in Europe, enjoyed by all ages and lifestyles and, having once had a ski holiday, skiers can’t wait to return to the snow. 

Ski Club of Ireland

The Ski Club wants to bring this world to you and to the many thousands of others who use our slopes every year. The Ski Club was formed 56 years ago by ski enthusiasts who organise winter sports holidays abroad each year. That tradition continues today for its members with club holidays organised every year.   Non-members are very welcome to join us too for a small additional fee (which also includes a free lesson or practice at Kilternan).  Indeed, last year there were more non-members than members on our trips.

The Ski Club cant wait to get back on the slopes after missing out in 2021. At time of writing, we are assuming that restrictions will be lifted both here and abroad to facilitate our holidays in January to Courchevel (15th to 22nd) and in February to Zell am See, Austria (12th to 19th February).

For information about the holidays see further pages. If interested, please ring the Ski Club (01-295-5658) or send an email to and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.




Ski Club Holidays 2022

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